Hear Pitches From Some of the Best Startups in the EBAN Community

Innovation Showcase

October 27th between 16:15 – 17:45 CEST
The Innovation Showcase will feature pitches from selected startups raising €50K- €500K and coming from all sectors

Joint EBAN-EuroQuity Scaleup of the Month

October 28th between 16:15 – 17:45 CEST
In this second joint session with EuroQuity, a match-making platform managed by Bpifrance, we will feature pitches from some of our network’s most promising scaleups raising pre-series A and follow-on rounds of  €500K – €5M.

Take a Look at the Startups Exhibiting

Cyreen’s first solution C.A.P. (Connecting-Ad-Impressions-with-Purchase) is a ground-breaking offline marketing channel, prominently installed in grocery stores. It especially focuses on consumer good brands, allowing them to run marketing campaigns that are enriched by actionable insights. It is our goal to merge and enhance various data streams and provide unique IoT-solutions for retailers and advertisers.

DORIAN Technologies is an Italian spin-off of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, founded in late 2020.
It is engaged in providing easy access to biomarker-based analysis for medical imaging. A cloud-based solution transforms any customer device into an advanced imaging laboratory where many clinically-relevant imaging modalities are supported by cutting-edge techniques based on AI and radiomics. Years of clinical evaluation have proven the efficacy of these quantitative approaches in optimizing diagnosis, prognosis, and patient monitoring. DORIAN’s efforts are aimed at all those who would benefit from the use of advanced quantitative analysis: from the clinician in his daily practice to the pharma company in the development and testing of new therapies.

Micro Electrochemical Technologies is focused on the development of new energy storage and delivery systems, addressing the market requirements of emergent applications.

RF Meters‘ goal is to have smart energy in every home by providing the most reliable solution for smart metering using wireless tech.

A novel approach to medical reporting: Graid by Sineko is a structured medical reporting software, which enables radiologists (and other professionals) to create structured reports, save those and use them for research, statistics, or optimization.

Fault Classification Device for Solar Panels: Universapulsar has developed a patent-protected device that can automatically identify and classify faults in solar panels and other systems in large remote areas using sensors to do automatic decision making.

Valyuu is a Circular Economy Marketplace. It provides people with a trusted and easy way to sell, buy and donate pre-owned electronic products.

Biig Technologies is a B2B and SaaS company developing smart license plate vaults to provide remote access to vehicles for contactless transactions. Our solution encompasses a hardware solution, the license plate vault, called BiigVault; together with mobility as a service platform, connecting car owners and service providers to contactless vehicle services.

MOBILE VIDEO TELEMEDICINE. RedZinc specializes in cloud-based, video solutions for wearable on-the-move video communications in healthcare, public safety and industry sectors.

Limno Pharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of novel treatments for ophthalmic diseases. Our focus is on the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases, pathologies affecting over 200 million people worldwide and with scarce treatment, that must be administered as intraocular injections.

Tvarit is a provider of domain-aware deeptech digital assistants, that predict and diagnose manufacturing disruptions. Tvarit aims to lead the world towards sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing.

CO2BioClean transforms Carbon Dioxide emmissions in Biodegradable Biopolymers, through their proprietary technology, to realize sustainable Fabrics and Packaging items.

Measurelabs provides testing services and certifications for any material, product or chemical. We help product developers and quality managers get the information they need about their products.

Xephor Solutions has developed the first working Artificial General Intelligence worldwide – a base-technology for every applied AI-case.

React4life enables researchers to overcome the limits of current in vitro assays and animal models. It improves the reliability and predictivity of several applications: pharmaceutical drug-testing, personalized medicine, novel immuno-oncology therapies, cosmetics, dermatology, and nutraceutical.